Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eden festival in scotland!

Eden is actually the first music festival I have ever been too!
The first day was overwhelming and we all looked a little out of place in the crowd of parents with dreadlocks and their babies, but by night we saw all the other kids (if you can still call me that) come out and AMAZING DJs in the smaller tents.
It was definitely an experience, especially camping in Scotland in Yippie Yurts!!
Yes. there were bath tubs to chill in. 
Yes, we did arts and craft followed by a nice, chill nap in an hammock to amazing musicians. 
It was also really nice that there were absolutely no cell phone reception or wifi. It was a break from technology and civilisation except for the people around you. 

Food was yummy (though I brought a ton of snacks with me including a loaf of bread and a wheel of cheese haha), people were friendly, porta-potties were absolutely horrific and the nights were like a dream. 

Wish I was back!
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Friday, June 20, 2014

Matchy matchy

I've never been a fan of matchy matchy clothes but I tried out this outfit -I made the top and skirt separately never thinking that I might actually wear it together. What do you think?
Shoes: Steve madden
Bracelets: Eden festival


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tutuing it up

My first day off since I arrived back Manchester! 
Those who know me, knows I'm insane and push the limit of my mental and physical capabilities... I got off the 7 hour plane ride Friday morning and went right into a 7 and a half shift and then went out with my girls to boutique as it's our last night all in manchester and straight back to work in the morning! 
So finally I had a day off and I made the most out of it! Had brunch at Richmond Tea Room (Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant!), made tutus while soaking up the sun at All Saints park (for Eden festival this 2 weekend!) and traveled to Birmingham for some shopping at the Bull Ring and dinner at The Oriental! 
Sadly the "Library" was closed, look how amazing it is! 
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