Friday, April 25, 2014

DIY FRIDAY #3: circle skirt

now that I have mastered adobe illustrator (because of the hundreds of hours spent on my product innovation project) I quickly whipped this up. The length of the skirt is totally up to you. I also added stiff fusing to the hem for an extra oomph. I think nothing is more amazing then a garment that fits perfect on you. forget elastic waist and one size fits all. 

This skirt is unlined because I like wearing slips under. There is two side seam pockets, a centre back invisible zipper closure and an extended waistband that buttons over at centre back. I'll post better pictures of me in this skirt at a later date ;) 

1) cut fabric (if you like tucks along the waist, add to the waist on the skirt pattern accordingly, I accidentally cut the skirt out a little bit bigger and added two tucks at the back as you can see in the second picture)
2) serge all sides
3) sew pockets to the skirt (skip this if you haven't done pockets before as they're quite troublesome)
4) sew side seams of skirt right sides together
5) baste stitch fuse to waistband
6) attach waistband to skirt (pin this first, leaving the extension of waistband sticking out on the left side of the back)
7) iron/ press half inch seam allowance on the other side of the waistband and press waistband in half
8) fold waistband in half 
9) sew the edge of waistband and flip out
10) stitch in a ditch to catch the other side of waistband (if you haven't done this before, just hand sew the waist down so you don't see the raw edges of the skirt)
11) attach invisible zipper
12) sew rest of centre back close
13) press hem up two inches
14) blind stitch the hem up or double roll the hem 
15) steam and voila!

here's a quick and not so pretty look of the inside. 

p.s. I should stress that waistband fuse is really important! I remember the plethora of skirts that I have made and I took the short cut and how badly it warped half way through the day with weird creases.  I've learned my lesson.... finally. 

p.p.s. my dad's in town from Canada to visit me! You don't realise how much you miss someone until you see them! after he leaves it is serious cram time. one project down. one very very last one to go....

Friday, April 18, 2014

DIY FRIDAY #2: Easter Bowed Heels

I've been meaning to revamp these black wedges, which originally were for work but now that I don't wear heels to work I can add some spunk to them:)

1) choose a fabric, I recommend either lace or satin, keep in mind the outfits you will wear with them
2) I would normally just sew the rectangle on a machine, but since the sewing lab is closed for Good Friday I hand sewed the rectangle leaving a gap to turn out the rectangle, make a template so your bows are the same size
3) after sewing shut the rectangle, sew a strip in the centre completing the bow
4) I recommend glue gunning the bow to the shoe heel but I actually hand sewed it, this is very tricky as pleather/ suede/ whatever the shoe is made of is really stiff, if you decide to sew it, make sure you use a thimble! (sewing also allows you to easily remove the bow later on)

I added some flat pearls as an after thought. Happy Easter!!


Monday, April 14, 2014


Topshot sweater, handmade skirt, Primark wedges

 In Leeds.... we built a robot.
His name is Jimbot.
we shopped at Trinity Mall, the architecture is so crazy. You think you're inside and then you realize it's a open concept to the outside at different parts of the mall. 
 finally been to the Alchemist!! The drinks were incredible, here we had this fruit infuse alcoholic tea.
So good that we got another one. 
and then FINALLY had a chance to eat at Roast+Conch, restaurant that uses cocoa in all their meals. It was so delicious!!
saw some farm animals outside of Leeds

this goat cracks me up so much hahaha! have a good week! 

p.s.  this was like 90 percent of leeds, at least from what I saw haha!

Friday, April 11, 2014

DIY FRIDAY: Floral print shorts

1) paint floral print on one side of the denim shorts with acrylic paint
2) cut out four pockets (use same shape as the original pockets)
3) sew pockets right side together and attach to the bottom of original pocket 
4) add flat pearls to the coin pocket of your shorts using glue gun or fabric glue

VOILA! hope you like my Friday DIY! I will try to do a DIY every Friday:)

floral sneakers from H&M, tee from Berserk Men


p.s. A few posts ago I mentioned I had a really exciting interview, well now that I got the job I thought I'd share with you. I got a retail sales position at Chanel in Selfridges! It is so exciting and so tempting not to buy all the handbags on the floor... but so much more to learn and I'm really loving the team and atmosphere! Happy weekend!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

OOTD on my pole

my handmade mermaid mini dress- made with stretch lace and a navy jersey underneath. 
Really love the feminine frill at the hem and sweet heart neckline is one of my favourite, the back is also low so my tattoo peaks out :) what do you think of this dress?