Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 6 manchester


fyi I found a full length mirror in the "toilet" at my school (which is a floor below me) so now I come here every morning to use the nice big washroom (as oppose to the tiny little thing in my dorm without a sink!), find out if my top matches my bottom.  & refill my water bottle at the water fountain, I can't get use to drinking the tap water here... This might be a slightly weird thing to do on Weekends because the whole school is vacant! 

I haven't explored much of Manchester yet but I'm enjoying everything:) 
I can't wait to go shopping! Running out of clothes already. 
So far I've gone to a foam party at MMUnion, Missoula and ASDA (an Uk Walmart)
I have already finished 2 assignments + 1 presentation and first day of school is Tuesday!


p.s. I did a commercial a while back with my mom and dad! Here it is! Took us about six hours to make 30 seconds. It's airing on Fair Chid TV every night, but I realize none of my friends watch that channel! It's in Cantonese, basically I play the excited senior girl who got accepted to university and my parents actually prepared a condo for me. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Day 2 in Manchester (but now I pronounce it as Manchest-ah!)
 Outfit: Mexx necklace, Marc Jacob earrings, H&M oversized sweater, vintage belt

and whose been following Paris Fashion Week?
Sofia Coppola designed this for PFW window display, how intriguing. 
 is fashion revolved around innovation?
is everything?


Monday, September 23, 2013

I can't believe it! I'm finally here! 
I'm so excited to share my next seven months with you as an UK student studying Fashion Practices at Manchester Metropolitan University!

I think I lucked out and got an amazing room overlooking a patio rooftop, I also never have been in residence so I wonder how I'll like it. Can't wait to explore some more tomorrow. 


p.s. These photos are brought to you by my sweet boyfriend who got me a hot pink canon point and shoot and hid it in my carry on. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another Fashion show under my belt :)

I sponsored ten outfits for ten beautiful models. 
Ten hair stylists and ten make up artists competing for the best hair/ best makeup and the best overall look. 

I had such a blast working with the whole team and was definitely worth leaving the cottage early haha!
Since I'm leaving the country for a year to study abroad, I thought I'll sew my little heart out before I don't have a chance! I made this draped top while watching Project Runway Australia!

and I've been staring at this amazing nautical print cotton and finally decided on this design, I used exactly all 2 meter of it! I love how it turned out:)
and then I made it in a wool blend...
How much faster it is to make a dress with patterns already made!

and Then my boyfriends brought me to the most amazing little Japanese restaurant: Jabistro
Also went to TIFF! Watched Prisoners and Therese, loved both of them. 
Q& A with Elizabeth Olsen, Tom Felton, Jessica Lange and Charlie Stratton the director
And Baby Steinberg's wedding! How beautiful is her million layered dress?
I felt so honoured to have attended to cozy Queens West wedding, can't believe two years have gone by since I interned for her

How awesome are these Revlon sticker nails? $3 at CNE. How great is Toronto?

outfit post! Purse from Aldo Paris, Shorts from Texas, New crop Sweater from the Showroom (Cheap Monday) 
my shoes and I bid you farewell !


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p.s. Please watch and share this heart breaking video: Midway 
It is something most of us aren't even aware of... shows a great glimpse of what humanity is doing...