Sunday, December 22, 2013

food food et plus de food

Because food is so important! It really brings people together.
And the Christmas holidays is all about food haha. Had potluck with the girls from school, got my parcel of food from my fam back in Canada, and made Shortbread cookies (we tried to look for cookie mix but Sainsbury did not have, so we made it from scratch)! Also made some korean dumplings with kimchi, thank God there's a Chinese supermarket near by! I feel just at home :)
this is at the Christmas market in front of selfridge. Sipping hot cider to live music. 
This was at Tops Buffet, to celebrate finishing last day of uni for the year
and a sleepless week of report writing and sketchbook development sheets!
It was quite tasty for a buffet and for 8.99 pounds.

Second time at Gorilla, just as satisfying as I remembered. 
I got the mushroom benedict the first time!
Fish and Chip @ Tusk Bar, one of the best ones I've had in England. 
Monday-Thursday they have it for half price as a lunch special. 
Finally ate at Bella Italia, I think it's quite yummy and homey. 
my first ostrich burger @ the market by picadilly garden

Have you been eating like crazy this holiday?

p.s. made these for my secret santa but also available here!
 UK boutique 
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bubble bubbles

this is my procrastination from my assignments. so much to do!
(I'm wearing Titika shorts, Winner's Cashmere Sweater/jumper, ettika bracelet 
I really wanted to post these photos up on instagram but didn't want to be too narcissistic. Thank God for blogspot! haha. I was actually saving the bubbles for a legit photoshoot but my photographer has recently been MIA, too busy getting high on something or another. 
In the mean time, any Manchester photographers out there!? 
After going for an interview at a totally non-related fashion job :( 
I popped by Primark ( I really don't want to support this monopolizing retailer but...) I got a free 25 pound gift card in one of the goodie bags that I got after a Primark presentation at my school. Perks of a fashion student! They seem like a company that I would learn a lot from; have a great training scheme. 

This morning I made some lace panties because the lace finally arrived from ebay! 
You can get your very own here :)

Last but not least. It is seriously feeling a lot like Christmas!!


P.S. made another batwing top, this time off the shoulder for a fellow blogger and customer in NYC!

 UK boutique 
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Friday, December 6, 2013

city lights

I don't think I ever shared these final images with you from the Jenny Wong Cosmetic Fashion show.
Dresses sponsored and made by me :) 
Photographed by Michael Hung

purse: Dune, throw: Club Monaco, Long sleeve: Club Monaco, oxfords: Shoedazzle, thigh highs: primark

My shop Em.Me.Ma
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Life is a Party, dress for it!

I am the biggest sucker for any type of market/ carnival/ festival. 
And the Christmas Markets are open in Manchester! 
I've gone only three times so far!
I went for a day trip to York for my friend's birthday. 
It is quite beautiful there, a lot of castle walls... proper british! They also have some beautiful stores, quite magical! I got scolded at taking these two pictures at the soap store! 
and of course Sunday dim sum! First time having chinese food since I moved to Manchester!
and the parties.
work hard and play hard right?
Sold two of these animal in pocket batwing tops! Available at

 UK boutique 
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Double Indemnity

How cute is my new Jelly watch?! 
This women’s watch is from BornPrettyStore and comes in a variety of colours! So great for adding some colour to a neutral or plain outfit. This watch also comes in a variety of colours so it's great for matching, I had such a tough time deciding on which colour to choose! For my amazing readers, Born Pretty will be giving you all a discount code so go on and check out their fun, inexpensive watches!

Double Indemnity (1944) reminded me a lot of Therese from TIFF 2013 with Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Felton. When you fall inlove with someone, you should never plot murder with them. Never ends well!
Oh, how I love black and white movies.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

London and Victoria Secret 2013/2014 !!

Victoria Secret, stop it. Heart pounding as I watched this year's show. It is just so stunning I'm speechless!!
I teared a little at the sight of that beautiful wing. It's just every girl's dream; so whimsical.

The London Winged outfit transition perfectly as I went to London last weekend!! 
For the very first time! It was a 4.5 hour bus ride from Manchester where I'm studying, 12 pounds round trip and two amazing friends to keep me company!
We hit quite a few places within two and a half days.
First to Buckingham Palace (How grateful were we to see the sun shine through the gates!), Big Ben, London Eye, Brick Lanes and Camden Market. I fell in love with London a little bit as I walk through China Town on Saturday night and see Huge red lanterns float above the street and the hustle and bustle of the people getting off work and heading to clubs in fancy clothes and makeup. London was everything I thought it would be. Also didn't hurt that the hostel we stayed at was so sweet; the people, facility and free breakfast! Yay.

And, of course the food! So much better than Manchester.
Thank God.
I think I stuffed myself the full two and a half days. :P

On another note. Since I'm back in Manchester and so determined to be healthy again. I thought I'd share with you what I've been eating; also doing workout videos and did one sketchy bootcamp class
with my five girls in a school yard... probably not going to do that again!
Is is bad that when I was London I was thinking I miss Manchester?
I feel so grateful for the people I have met here and the nights where I feel young. wild. and free.


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