Thursday, June 28, 2012


hand painted cape
shoes from Aldo
shoes from Guess

preview of two shoots I did recently (everyting made by me)! More at !
ciao4now :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

brush. stroke. dot. paint.

 I got these awesome nail art pens at the Distillery district before watching the Cavalia Odysseo show (Which was really cool, I'll never look at a horse the same!) and was inspired by cutepolish once again.

walking off those finger lickin' ribs from Rib fest!
dress: Winners
lavender clutch: ninewest
shades: Raybans 

I'm working for a designer as a sewer right now and having a blast. This reminds me of sewing assignment due twice a week back in school but instead of working with ugly muslins I get real fabric and.... they're cut for me! I think slowly but surely I'm getting faster and (this is so bad) I'm sewing invisible zippers with regular feet... and it works well!

This is a maxi three tiered dress with bodice facing- not ironed yet.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer love

sun-kissed skin, long unpredictable days, imagination runs free. 
Hope you all have been enjoying the warm weather! I'm now working for a designer and it's so much fun! I finally dip dyed my hair purple, what do you think? As for my summer bucket list, I got through: rock climbing, going on that scary Wonderland ride "Leviathon", went to Cavalia!, finally shot with a real gun and had my convocation yesterday!

Oh and ofc food: 
Kinton (opened by Guu and I'm sure you all love that place!) It's specialty is ramen and not expensive for how BIG the BowL was, must try their eggs, the yolk melts in your mouth! 
Archao: Yummy italian food in the distillery district and surprisingly not very expensive either. Must try the phyllo brie with cranberry and apple sauce! the mushroom linguine was really good too :P
zara dress
bizou necklace
aldo shoes
Bcbg purse

jacob sweater
winners skirt
jean machine top
UGG wedges
ardene flower

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p.s. preview on a photoshoot modeled by Diana and Shot by Tishan !
wool skirt and jersey top made by me.

Friday, June 1, 2012

summer haze

This is what I want to feel this summer! Maybe I'll fall in a deep chiffon haze. 
I till have piles of chiffon fabric around!
 My fashion show at babyface. Must say it was a crazy night! 
I definitely shouldn't have tried three outfit changed between six models haha. 
I had a lot of fun and had an amazing makeup artist, Yvonne

 Out to buy some groceries for a day in the sun and there I spotted a firetruck just parked casually.

must not forget summer food:
nachos in the backyard. salad @ Alice Fazooli's patio &Caesar at St. Loui's


p.s. I did two photoshoots last week! Can't wait to show you all.
-here's a super adorable RING.