Saturday, November 27, 2010

Une autre GIVEAWAY! et DIY

Curtesy of CSN stores, I have a $35 dollars discount code for use on ANY item on one of their websites for one lucky reader!

(opened to only Canada and United States)

How to enter:
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Some of their GIRLY products that I must recommend:

Murval Karl Woolen Crochet Small Bag with Faux Leather Trim in Black

Murval Thomas Leopard Bow Hobo Bag in Black / Brown

Murval Rock Zipper Detailed Bow Hobo Bag

Ausiie Boots Women's Retro Braid Boots in Chestnut

Lots of great gifts idea too with items that can be delivered before Christmas!
There's a little of something for everyone!

so the metre of studs is 66% off at fabricland. HAD to buy it.
Since I'm always making dresses, thought I'd make a top for a change.

  1. I simply used a tank top I had and traced it on my silky mustard yellow fabric
  2. cut it out
  3. then sewed on by hand the studs fabric around the neckline!
just felt a little festive here. hehe.

I was browsing on polyvore and I found a similar top at 995 dollars!

p.s. Giveaway ends in one week! December 4th is the dead line.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

lets play house.

So almost seven months with THE boyfriend,
we have already been talking about our future together; which we've come to agreement that due to our alcoholic behaviours induced by society's elephantine value in martinis and well- alcohol in general, home bar furniture is a must. I suggested a full time bartender.
we also agreed we'll spend much time in the kitchen
we're both such foodies but.
WITH OPPOSITE taste buds! So we're gonna have two fridges.
He can't stand my vegetable and cakes and cookies and I can't stand his meat and Chinese food haha.

okay I've been kinda going crazy with DIYs, so here's another:)

You will need:
  1. use scissors to cut out a shape of your choice on bristol board to create a stencil (or if you have a stencil you like already just ignore this step.)
  2. squeeze out acrylic paint (retarder is optional but it keeps paint from drying as fast) of any colour
  3. REMEMBER to put bristol board inside your tights so the paint don't go through -as you see I obviously forgot and got PAINT stain on my bed sheet, my friends wouldn't believe it was just WHITE PAINT STAIN-.-
  4. Your ready to use your stencil and paint wherever you desire the shape to be
  5. be patient and let it dry before turning over to complete the back side.
this is a project for the patient minds, took so LONG!


p.s. I've been going on a Movie crash diet and was so close to spending 15 dollars
on the book "501 must see movies";
So please give me suggestions on movies I must see!
I also love older movies but don't know that many.

p.p.s. check out Scream Your Feeling's Giveaway!

p.p.p.s. Wiloh is eco-friendly streetwear designed by creative individuals. Every sale is matched with a donation to a child in need via Kids In Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.), a charity that reaches out to help children affected by poverty and natural disasters.
Their concept is conscientious fashion without the granola: designs are very cutting edge and cool. No beige allowed. Our shirts are printed using water-based inks on organic cotton or bamboo. You can check it out here:
Daisy chain is doing a giveaway for such a good cause:)!

Monday, November 22, 2010

tuesday blues

need something pretty to look at;
I feel so overwhelmed with sadness

I just got my filling and I can't feel my mouth!
Oh how emotional I get over such small things...
get ready for another DIY:)

sew beads along the neckline,
and if there's pockets, around the rim of the pockets as well.
great lil project to do
especially when the weather is so windy rainy crappy!

How did your first Filling at the dentist go?


p.s. I've been going on a Movie crash diet and was so close to spending 15 dollars
on the book "501 must see movies";
the last 24 hours I watched: The holidays (cameron diaz , kate winslet, jack black), the last holiday(Queen latifah), 2012 and The Tuxedo(Jacky Chan). I do loveeeeeeeeeee holiday movies...
So please give me suggestions on movies I must see!
I also love older movies but don't know that many.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My dad's old jeans

(I added a stenciled on Dolphin with acrylic white paint)
It's been must postponed, but I finally got around to this project. My dad threw me his old jeans because there were rips right around the crotch area! So I just cut it up and made a near pair of denim skirt.

Another much postponed task was.....
cleaning out my closet
apparently I have enough colours to make a rainbow!


p.s. Had a Photoshoot today with Jonathan Pang for all the clothes I made recently;
So excited to share with y'all!
here's a sneak peek;)
p.p.s. I got my G license! Woo ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Niagara Fall's Horse

Sunset Horseback riding by Niagara Falls:)
My horse is named Frayo
Niagara Falls.
Stunner, too bad it was so cold!
50% off at Costa Blanca, went a little overboard and bought the whole store...
but that's okay:)

tights, belt, over sized tank: costa blanca
grey tank: suzy shier
Purple skirt: H&M
scarf: urban outfitter

I'm in such a good mood, either because I'm listening to such a happy song or had really warming hot pot with family and boyfriend. Maybe both. First time hot potting this winter! My gosh I'm stuffed, but it was sooooo good. So much for my day at the gym. . . Did I mention my personal trainer ( of two times) has very tight pants on?

I have my G test tomorrow! I really should have taken some driving classes but too late. *fingers crossed* So I got my VERY first physical test result back yesterday. GUESS WHAT.

the very healthy conscious girl here, who eats fruits and vegetables like no tomorrow, who goes to the gym three times a week,

has HIGH CHOLESTRAL. are you joking me!
they say I'm also low on Iron, which makes sense since I don't eat much red meat, but I thought most cholestral IS from fat in meat! I am flabbergasted.

So apparently eating vitamin C with your meal helps you absorb more Iron. Here's an asian organic salad with ginger and lychee dressing topped with tangerines, which I ordered at Hilton Hotel's restaurant while informing my mother that I have high cholestral, even the waitress laughed. Well it's only a little bit but still!

Ladies, how was your first physical?


p.s. check out Drey Jewelry's giveaway!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

mes jours et nuits

Hey ladies and gents!
50 likes on my facebook page *gasp*
It makes my heart tingle with warmth!

thank you for all the support

So there's a few things I want to share with you.
FIRST of all.
My latest creation that i've been working long hours to make:)
the lace up back was a little bit improvised
as I grabbed the only ribbon I can find, the reds in it kind of throws off the design a little bit. . . but it's very vintagey, can't quite decide to stick with it or replace it.
SECOND of all.
winner of my bangle giveaway is Gilbert!

It was my boyfriend and I's half year anniversary a few days back and the most romantic thing happened that I must share!
11pm at night he notifies me that He has to drop off a text book in newmarket and wants me to keep him company. being the amazing girlfriend that I am (plus not much to do) I agree to go with him. As he starts driving his friend calls and said he needs help to move some boxes at a restaurant. weird. but still not suspect. it was raining and kinda cold so he told me to come in with him, we walk through the back, through the kitchen, into the closed restaurant and he leads me to a table.

there, sitting on the table was a rose a candle and a card.
he said
"I want to take you back in time from the moment I first met you and relive it"
I started bawling.
how pathetic! but I started reading the card about how I met him, then we moved to the next table with another candle card and rose, in the end I read 15 notes with 15 roses in my arm. THEN he blind folds me!

Our song started playing in the background and then he leads me to big table filled with candles in a shape of a heart with a jewellery box in the middle.
it was a pair of couple ring!

then it was 12:27am.
the exact time we started going out.
he melts me heart.
just a lil
on the actual day of 6 months,
I promised that for once I'll plan something!
I brought him to the spa where we got a couples massage
it was hilarious watching him awkwardly panicing where to put his clothes and how to get on the bed hahaha
then we had a lovely dinner at Armandos Italian Restaurant.
and LAST but not Least
I finally finally finally
got my ass to a kick boxing class.

every ounce of muscle ACHE like a dying mammoth
(don't know how I come up with these similes don't ask me)
but It was really fun, especially when I went with a friend.
I was literally going to give up after 15 minutes, can't wait till I go again next week bahah!

then we went to a little pizza place that I think is the town's best kept secret.
Best Itallian Pizza it's called, don't let the appearance fool you -as it often does me. But my bf went to get a slice a while back and I was on a strict diet but still stole a bit. and. my gosh its a bite of heaven and angels singing. It is so delicious! please try it out if your near the GTA.
we shared a small size pizza with three toppings.
and I was completely full and it was about $6!
That's about it for now.
Happy Hump Day!
Oh wait that was yesterday. Happy almost weekend! :)


Thursday, November 4, 2010

A little bling never does harm right?

did i over do it !
I feel like I kinda did, though with a belt it seems it could work.
I was over joyed with the blinging
-my bf said I looked so happy with glue gun in hand

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

metallic collection

So i finally finished all the metallic dresses that i designed OH soo long ago. haha. It's so addicting using the shiny fabric. so glam:) plus I got it on sale, can't get any better.

I realized that Halloween is past and CHRISTMAS is coming up! What are your plans for Christmas? I might be going on a cruise with my boyfriend because he won a free trip through some festival thing.

Did I mention I got a surgery yesterday! yikes. I went in for a consultation because my cartiledge piercing go so infected and gross and I have to get the Bump removed, still not sure what that Bump is, bone? scar? tissue? ew. just thinking about it. I got the anesthetic needle to numb the area (300$?!) and then blabbing to my mom while my heart is popping out of my chestwhile the doctor did the mini surgery for about 10 minutes.

I still haven't looked at it! I'm too scared to lol. Apparently, says my mom, it looks really good, compared to how it was before and the stitching was "well done" . I stitch a lot, never thought I would get stitched !

p.s. don't forget about my giveaway!!
I will be extending it till November 10th. and extra entries for "liking" my facebook page on the right !