Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boo! happy Halloween :)

dress + mittens: self-made
thigh highs: Jacob Lingerie

What are you doing for Halloween!
I'm thinking of scary movies and handing out candy to little kids:)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

mon premier cardigan

(okay now seeing it, i know i have to hem the bows before it unravels more! haha)

this is the First Cardigan I ever sewed!
I'm really happy by the way it came out; it's a lot more "lingerie" style than I anticipated, but I still think it'll work with blue jeans and white tank.

Working with wooly yarn wasn't as scary as I thought, what do you think of this piece?

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

ici et là

dresses I made recently and photoshoot with Joel Bourgoin at Harbour Front Downtown.

I watched "my sister's Keeper" last night. I borrowed it from the local library and heard it's amazing. It's so sad obviously but somehow it seems right, I was kind happy at the end when she died because she was ready and she accepted it, and that it was a miracle for her to live that long in the first place plus she had such a good life and finally her mom can let go. It's not quite ... happy but more... peaceful? But I liked it a lot, surprisingly I cried the most in the beginning of the movie. I CAN NOT imagine a burden like that in my family. We should really be grateful for our health and our friend's and family's health every single day, it's something we always take for granted.

Ironically I have the flu. Haha.. bf gave it to me.

anyway, check out my ETSY shop!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

3Bars 2Girls 1Night

boring boots on tequila
(beads sewed on by hand!)
painting on nails with toothpick
Chanel 437Forbidden
Sally Hanson 420Yellow Kitty
Avon N238 Luxe lavender
is this scary?
I was playing around with the edit haha!
i feel like a female hulk
@Drake Hotel, "vintage booth"
WE were SO unprepared!
don't you just hate it when they give you no sign what soever WHEN it's taking the pictures?
seeing multiples?
Andrew Richards Design Building
that hosted an exclusive event for Scotiabanks clients?
dad calls while we were enjoying Milestones,
next thing we're on Adelaide street.
(mind you we took the cab to 571 W and it was 571 E)
but taking cabs in the city with an old friend was fun:)
w/ my daddy
there was Swarovski showcases and photography gallery
oh and did I mention Open Bar?
Drake Hotel's Lounge
(the MOST abstract B&W films? playing)
Paddock S/S 2011
it was very "club Monaco" style

in my: Armani dress
sheer tights
Le Chateau boots
Mexx purse
Mexx pearls
purple earrings and bow around wrist

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p.p.s. had my first day of work! It was so much fun, ESPECIALLY when they told me to paint! haha, how I reminisce the days (& all nighters) of painting, i love the idea of Painting and a specialty tea shop combined! Two of my most favourite things ;)

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CSN store

How can you exist on this busy, loud, stressful Earth without a sanctuary. I mean the place where you get away and get rest -yes I'm talking about your bedroom! What better way to create your Oasis than nice Upholstered headboards.

CSN stores have such a wide range of products, with a little bit of hunting, you can find great stuff like this classy chanel-like purse only for $23.99!
happy shopping at :)


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What to eat and wear during fall

"Look your best - who said love is blind? "
always have gloves when driving!
rings: Mexx & Garage
Buy sunflowers, it'll make you smile
especially on days without sun
even when your body craves for fatty food
(it tends to do that a lot when it's cold)
Hot green tea and fruit box with whole wheat bread and egg@ Starbucks
this is such a lovely dessert! caramelized with brown sugar, butter and brandy!
nothing will keep you as warm as this tasty baby.

fill up on the lovely vegetable soups
so healthy and warming:)

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cuba or Dominican Republic?

This is a dress I made with chiffon, silk and some embroidery and lace! More photos coming from the photoshoot :) stay tuned!
so I went to promenade to spend my discount card at Mexx.
I came across these DARLING 5 inch clogs @ Town Shoes.
I HAD to Own them :)
my little shopping spree
I'm really loving the purse, it can used by the handles or a long strap, it's actually quite big so I can put books and binder or even my dog inside!
making sushi with bf. yum!

So I am planning on going on away with my mom, and we're teared between Dominican Republic and Cuba. Which one do you think is a better October/November get away?? Please help me out! Give me you opinion :)

I watched Wall Street yesterday, loving it, I heard it was based on an original and I'm dying to check out Wall Street 1. I wonder if it's similar... but Shia Labeouf is amazing along with Carey Mulligan. It always stuns me to see Shia looking so OLD, I mean not old but looking like a man. I remember always watching him on Even Steven looking like a teenager! Time is scary!
Oh might I add, taking Finance class in grade12 FINALLY came in handy, I actually understood all the Finance/ stock talk 8)!

On other news, I just joined Chictopia! Check it out on the right hand side.

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p.p.s. I can't believe I'm nearing 150 readers! Thank you for all the support, feel free to drop me any question, emails, anything!