Monday, April 26, 2010

First audition!

These are pictures from my photoshoot with Roy, I had A LOT of fun doing this haha; but on Sunday afternoon it was KIND of weird because SO many people were out. Nonetheless I do love the outcome :)

So today I had my first audition, Icon Model Agency called me in the middle of period three and by 5 o clock I was at the audition. I didn't know what to expect at all; I went into a room with two other girls (both are beautiful and tall might I add) and a guy started talking to us about the commercial, and he filmed us one by one, we had to look spaced out and move out head slowly back to the camera. That's it! Nothing more, then I left haha! Hopefully I'll get a call back :)


Friday, April 23, 2010

scarf by day; dress by night

self made haltor (sewed on buttons and a denim heart patch)
scarf from fabric land
cardigan tristan and isaut?
AE jeans
Town Shoes heels
Tough belt
CHEAP CHEAP fabric ! woo. 3$ purple fabric; I sewed it shut on one side for a scarf (I wanted to make a circle one, my friend carrie inspired me ;) but i realize it was a bit too heavy [excesive fabric] . . .
I am clubbing at Embassy tonight! And as I have no cute clubbing clothes; I decided to make a dress out of the scarf that I wore this morning :) It's actually a pretty easy DIY! I made it a little loose at the top and just pinned the excess to my bra so it flows at the front :) And the belt is made by scunching up fabric for the flowers and a string to make designs, all sewn on a black wide elastic band.


p.s. OH man in international business I learned that the education system is SO SCARY in asia. It's so Interesting though; Like I always knew it was super tough; but a girl was talking about south Korea and how it was when she used to live there. Okay imagine waking up at 6:30 am. staying at school until MIDNIGHT and then bussing to a study centre to study some more. AND WEEE always complained about school, talk about cultural extremes. AND the cops in South Korea check that students are home at midnight so all the students at the study centre close the lights during midnight until the cops leave. It's like STUDYING is a crime! oh I love canada's education system now haha;

what are you up to this weekend ? =)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

sneak peak oriental dress

design hand painted.

created by yours truly.
my last piece for my school's fashion show!
so swamped with work; and had the WORST pms the last two days lOL; sorry guys who are reading. So moody and upset AND FIT filled every spot and stupid WES evaluation was never sent so they couldn't evaluate my portfolio and now it's too late... alwell i wasn't planning on going there... but it would've been nice to be accepted:( all hopes on ryerson now (or george brown? so hard to decide, heard they are connected to FIT so i can finish degree there!) Nights:)


Sunday, April 18, 2010

lipstick stain on the front of your left side brain.

AE scarf(tied the ends to make circle scarff)
Girodano Blazer
HK Dress
NEVER would I have EVER thought I would wear CROCS; but here i AM in comfy winter crocs! it was on sale for $20 and my feet were sooo sore in the green heels in the previous post that I couldn't resist buying these ugly rubber things. ( i kinda like them; reminds me of swedish clogs haha!)
BOW hair; inspired by gaga.
AE haltor dress
costablanca scarf
blazer and hoodie, one piece zip up from Roxy
Le chateau boot heels

tea bag idea: so my friend and I were at starbucks following our after Church ritual and She gave me the idea to start collecting the teabags from Starbucks (coz they're really pretty with the silk casing?) and My Idea is to hang them up (smells really good too) and put the name of the person You went to starbucks with. Hence a really meaningful environmental installation :) I will show y'all a picture when I hit 30 bag :) I think it'll be easy coz I'm a green tea addict ; ]

AND yesterday I was working and there was this couple who sat through dinner playing on their iPhones! What has our society come to! They come to this super romantic and expensive restaurant to be devoured in their electronic devices.. it makes me sad : (

Oh and my poor chihuahua got three of his teeth pulled out ={ ouch. pray for him?

and I am so excited to finially start my last dress for my school's fashion show. I will show you in the next post!! stay tuned! ;)


Thursday, April 15, 2010

I go to your house for ice-cream.

H&M tank
triumph bikini
la coste heels
old navy buble skirt
thrift store necklace
vancouver bangle


Wednesday is the new Friday

Ever Since I started working, days of the week started toppling over each other; it's like there's really no such thing as school nights anymore (unless there's a test/ project on the next day ofc). And for some reason Wednesday seems to be the hot day to have fun. [Plus Friday for me means piano class, patterning class, hot yoga. AND THEN go out..] Well last wednesday my Colleagues all went out drinking; and this wednesday my mom decided to throw a huge party!
Me in the morning, missed period one coz I was busy chilling with a friend the night before...
wearing: Scarf from hk, button up from zara HK, tanktop from AE, high tops from Nike HK, purse from longchamp, shorts from H&M and bracelet from Swarovski

Last night after Fashion Club and Hot Yoga(my mom thinks some guy there is hot haha! and that's her only reason to start going again. oh i love her); I joined my friend at Dinner at Baton Rouge; FIRST time ever there. I love the whole atmosphere, it's really classy in the dinning room but we sat by the bar area which is a tad more casual. The majority were kind of older people. . but then it is a PRETTY expensive restaurant. The bill came to about 70 between two people. pretty baller dinner ;)

me with my strawberry daquiri:) I wanted a Baton rouge sunset martini; but the waitress warned it's pureee alcohol. I guess you know where to go to get drunk! yaa. . he wanted to copy my POSE. 8)
oh and this is the House Salad. It's delicious with a side cheese bread. the warm sauce is amazing; but I had to pick out most of it coz there's too much!So I don't know what was funnier; the fact that there's a squirrel beside my house that looks peacefully asleep (but turns out he's dead) well okay, that's not funny, I'm an animal lover but I felt SO STUPID when I was waiting for it to get up and runaway. . . OR THE fact that i VERY accidentally brought home Baton Rouge's linen LOL.

Friend and I went back to my mom's party and had the most awesome raw oyster + clams:) delicious!! and there were escargot, takoyaki, musscles, and white wine8)
morning enjoying a nice cup of blended milke smoothie:
2strawberries (plus 1 on the rim)
half an apple
activia yogurt
today I'm heading to RYERSON for the Open house!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ryerson's Fashion show!

these are creations of Ryerson Fashion Design graduates! beautiful. . . (so hard to filter but i chose my favourites to show y'all :) )

my darling le chateau boot heels :)
self made dress
jacket from japan
there were almost 50 collections!

best for last for real.
house jam: ) oh so fun night.
starting the pleats on my prom dress!! so exciting. don't you just love the colour? coz i'm absolutely inlove with it. (and can't stop touching the soft chiffon :P)
SOO I HAD the most eventful weekend sort of. coz it's been NON STOP! and today in yoga class I learned that those who love the colour yellow is always busy, never wants to waste time and occupies themselves. SOUNDS EXACTLY like me. It's my philosophy to not waste time, I mean time is so limited, and theres SOO incredibly much to experience and take-in on Earth! anyways I slept insanely late since thursday (when I pulled an-almost-all-nighter for art project), then Friday @ karoke lounge- agogo (cute name?); but seriously i can't stand being in a room when everyone's smoking; i think i almost suffocated!, Saturday had sushi takeout with daddy and his friends for his birthday, then house jam till 5am and today I woke up at 2pm (missed church!) and went to hot yoga, then starbucks; (score! free drink and food coz my lovely friends working) and then FISH house for my friend's dad's birthday dinner. (KINDA weird coz they're all white and i'm a random azn girl lol! & HE ASKED me to go to a strip club after LOL; but umm i think it's time i go home and sleep (a) ).

okay, a little rant. FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. WES evaluation. SOOO B S!! omgosh so i literally finished everything to apply in october last year and I did the WES thing maybe 2 months ago and my friend and I are wondering why we still haven't heard about our admission. TURNS OUT the hundred something dollars we paid for the WES evaluation doesn't include mailing out the evaluation to the school. WOW ; university is seriously the biggest scam. oh mon dieu. so i gotta pay like fifty something dollars for them to E-MAIL a sheet to FIT. . . ? gah.

next issue. people... this weekend i kind of got exposed to facets of people that ... shocks me. For one, I really can't believe how FAKE a person could be. Like it's incredibly disgusting that one second they can be talking shit about you then the NEXT, texts you to go chill. . . and another girl was very cold to me when I met her a while back but as soon as she saw me with certain people this weekend, it's like her bitch switch just turned off. and i honestly believe that these people think it's totally a social norm, almost like an ETIQUETTE to go and put masks on. I mean we all do but there should most definitely be a fine line. and saying bad things about you "friend" behind their back is a MAJOR low.

But on a positive note. BEAUTIFUL weather today and i got my first pay check from work! moonaiee; ) AND I finally lost 5 pounds, however my goal was 15. . . I guess 10 more to go. . . why is it so easy for guys to lose weight but INCREDIBLY hard for girls? no fair!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DIY purse.

i am oh so exhausted.
just came back home from work.
busiest night ever!

Here's an old DIY. From a blank white Miss Sixty purse (on sale for $60 @ ALDO; ya I don't know why at ALDO SHOE store but it was there!)


P.S. This is seriously cool. My brother thinks this is why Hermes can charge 10 000$ for a purse. Very innovative Installation!

p.p.s. I was a LIL upset when I found out a so-called "FRIEND" was making fun of my blog. umm go to hell bitch. but now i'm too tired to care:) bye lovelies.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

good bye march 2010. and 20009 AND 2008

So march is officially one of my favourite months; With Spring break, easter long weekend. AND beautiful sunshineeee = intense bonding time with amazing people!

I was curious to see What I did for the last two marches. Hurray for Agenda and semi-organized me.

So I spend my Easter afternoon loafting on my friend's patio, soaking up the sun and sipping up my apple juice ;)
this march:
first time at LG fashion week+ Batallion Ball+ got a job:) + clubbing &FakeID FINALLY+ lots of hotyoga

Last March:
I was in EUROPE last march break! Oh how I miss those lively days talking to funny italian and spanish guys. night club in Italy (but with school :\) oh and LOTS of shopping :)
and GR10 MARCH :
(i was so fucking busy that year; comparing agendas with all my other years!)
BASICALLY house jams, bday parties and dance?
UP poka dot tube top
seduction skirt
aldo elf boots
mom's cardigan
hk scarff

one of a kind mustache ;)