Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday, January 30, 2010


so my friend and I have been talking about ikea for the longest time; oh it's sooo gooodd:P then we shopped around :) got some really nice green apple scented candles!

Friend and I trying on kiddy hats haha.

cute home decor.
I WANT THIS PAINTING! :) Paris je suis venir.
went to bayview village after and met up with another friend; delicious little patisserie place.

wearing AE vneck, World Vision 30 hr famine sweater, Element jacket, buffalo jeans, aldo shoes and longchamp purse.
Grapefruit,orange and almond spinach salad :)
shirt: foreverXII gift from ex boyfriend
skirt: H&M gift from friend from shanghai
tights: HK gift from mom
purse: gucci gift from mom

amigurumi dolls I made; the vampire one is for my friend's birthdy:) you think she'll like it? she's been asking me to make her one for the longest time haha; I haven't made them in a while so it took me forever to figure out how to do it again; thank God for youtube:)


Thursday, January 28, 2010

PHOTOSHOOT! finally came :)

so Many have you have asked for pics from my photoshoot with the professional Toronto Photographer Jeffrey Hui, his photographs are very futuristic:) So I'm uploading them as soon as I got them;; here's my three looks.

nothing like a nice night out with a friend and laughing. oh and hot apple cider from starbucks on a cold winter day; delicious. I'm finally done semester one! I'm so happy :) feels like I'm so much closer to prom and summer holiday.

I love talking to people, you find out so much about yourself and life beyond your own, (just met a guy who built his own car!) and today my friend asked me (since I've experienced both being single and in a relationship for a really long time), which one is better, that I seem happy both ways. Which surprised me because I didn't know I was "happy" because I felt that I've been healing from my last serious relationship and felt like i'm a bit broken until I realized that I have moved on and my life is good. like it's BEEN good and he helped me realize it and open my eyes :) I say single lifeee is thee BOMB! haha;

I mean relationships have its ups as well but I just think that at this "phase of my life" I just want to focus on fashion and meeting people. Can't devote all my time to just one person and girls have to stop feeling pressured that they NEED a man. screw lust and society's norm. Let love find you & show society what we, girls are made of.:)


My Grandma's skirt.

sorry my photos didn't show :S weird. weLL I reuploaded it :)

I never thought I would wear on of my granmda's skirt! but she gave me a few of her old skirt; they are super long! but very elegant, and it's true what they say; fashion always come back. I just adore this waist skirt; but it's a bit long for my comfort so I hemmed it up a few inches (not TOO short for this harsh winter :) ) Doing this photo shesh includes me FREEZING so enjoy:)

skirt: conrad c
shirt: somewhere in europe
bracelets: oh so old...
ring; HK
earrings; switzerland
shoes: costa blanca accessories
purse: sydney love
sunglasses: Zara (europe)


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I like yellow♡

£59 @ John Lewis; i've been seeing this style a lot, I saw a supper cute wooly one at BCBG and it inspired me to trying making it :)$3 for one metre @ fabric land

what do you think? :)
I feel like it's rather simple; maybe I can add some ornament/ embroidery.

my head is not for studying; it's for better things.

so this picture basically sums up my last two days; I was kidnapped on Sunday night by my friend to study till 3 am. Woke up and studied till 7pm; and then got home and studied till midnight. woke up this morning at 8:03; jumped out of the house with no makeup, hair unbrushed(not that I ever brush my hair) and parked at 8:15 ran into the school all out of breath at 8:23 and did exam 8:30-10:30 WOOSH; glad DATAMANAGEMENT is over and done with.on the more fun side of news; I ABSOLUTELY love Tom Kerr's photography, I discovered him on Zeus's blog! As much as the picture I choose seems pretty classic beauty; his work ranges to the most extreme avant-garde; and his website is so fun, it seems very unaccidental amateur styled. if that makes sense !

an art piece of mine done in grade 11! Multi media assignment.
it pretty much sums up my life
(minus my missing iphone :( RIP)
Anyway, I got one more exam to go and then I'm free! A lot of strange thing has happened; a bit too personal to say but all I can say is "life is interesting" LOL! oh and I got a email from one of the designers at The London Fashion Week 2010; he offered to pay me £950 each day for the 4-day event AND hotel and flight bills for modeling; does that sound too good to be true? but it's a week during school, whatever tho; psh school (I HATE YOU!). A guy the other day defined beauty, as not only how a women looks but by the way they talk "there is a sense of uniqueness"; Isn't that so sweet! And last random fact; I recently did my nails a hue of purpley hot pink after a month of chipping clear nail polish and I feel so much happier; I think pretty bold colours cheers a girl up even in the midst of stress and studying haha ! ;)

as to my readers, please leave a message! You know all about me but I want to know more about you ;) Lots and lots of love.


Monday, January 25, 2010


My first award! Thank you Sunshine-chic for the blog award
To accept- post it on your blog with a link to the person who gave it to you, pass the award on to around 8 blogs that you think are great, contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for the award.
1. Skinny Miniz™
wild tortoise
Song of Style
Mary Jane Girl
Petite Asian Girl
there was quite a lot of others I wanted to include but I realized a lot of the blogs were already awarded so I didn't want to pressure them to repost again and I have the shortest term memory . EVER. so there are plenty of other fabulous blogs out there :) my brain is just slow to recollect them.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

lets make a tshirt

grab a tee
grab a permanent marker
grab some old fabric (to make a bow)
grab a scissor

& start!
the back is largely inspired by glisters and blisters blog

make-upless me.
i'm trying really hard to stick to one thing per post; but it's hardd haha; this was my brother's birthdy dinner; HUMONGOUS sashimi boat! AMAZING food :) here's a pic with my daddy; nd bro on my right
an old pic i found; i used to be obsessed over my nails.
the kelsey's anniversary day(free wings!)
kinda sad that as we eat chicken wings there's a chicken running around LOL.

p.s. oh dear i really have to study; i'm procrasinating by blogging; wish me luck on exams!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

BOYS. top 5 must have.

I haven't blogged about Men's Fashion In a longgggggg time. My friends been bugging me to do so here it goes! the top 5 essentials in every guys wardrobe. According to me that is.

1. Plain(ish) tee & nice jeans.
less is more, when there's too many things on a GUY's tee; i feel they're trying too hard and it makes them look young and a little tacky; try to stick with plain tee's with a little bit of print or design.
my bro modeled for me ;)
jeans: blue blood
belt: Samuel and kevin
bracelet: love squared
tee: von dutch
ring: kenny y.
2. VEST.
it's like the most basic building block; every guy should have one because it's so stylish and effortlessly posh :) can be layered as well; i love guys in vest : ) kinda like the hot musician/ mysterious guy.

i am a huge fan of scarf; and When I see guys with a big ass scarff; i am automatically drawn to them, even if they're MAD ugly :) i love scarfs. And adding one to the most simple outfit can make a guy very fashionable and groomed.

4. Cardigan.
I think it's very gentlemenly; and gives off a very preppy but sophisticated look

5. Doc Marten's or military/tough boots/shoes.
i personally think doc marten's are so sexyyy; gives off a manly vibe & makes me feel protected;) coz i mean. military boots right?

this is a shoe from G-Star Raw
My brother also told me about this site called SSENSE. it is actually very cool; so if you guys wanna do more online browsing for men's wear & accessories. check it out!