Friday, October 30, 2009

happy halloween!

finally not that sick!
gotta say THANKS to my amazing friend!
i know your reading this :P
who got me starbuck's applecider, timmies cream&brocoli soup, & MEDS from shoppers haha <3>haha anyways just in time for halloween! ; so i made this in grade 10 but never really made much use out of it.
so this year i will be tinkerbell! I also wore silver/black eyelashes; really fun . love it. only thing missing is the BIG white ball on the shoes.

so tonight i watched Saw VI ; So good; i'm such a Saw fan, it's so twisted and it really is the only scary movie with a GOOD story line : ) anyways. also had a delicious meal at Hannabe : P
yum sushi!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

LOve Bites

so not my typical fashion blog but
UGH! i don't think there's a feeling worse than falling out of love.
love is so unfair.
i used to be those girl who say its just a boy, whatever
but unfortunately i was SO inlove
& there's no denying it's an amazing feeling
i search far and wide for my prince charming,
what if he was there all along...
what if he's across the world
people say everyone only has two true loves in their life.
should i wait or should i take it into my own hands.
i'm not the type that waits for fate to happen...
but it doesn't hurt to have some faith.

so here i am; REALLY sick out of my mind, attacked by some deadly virus.
and watching how to lose a guy in 10 days
worked on my prom dress a bit.
I really can't wait.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Escada fashion show!

escada sequence crop sweater: $6600! so cute!

with the DJ
with one of the models wearing a piece from the newest collection of Escada and with mom : )
a part-time model aussi notre server of the night
view was amazing; louis vuitton and channel out there

sweater: Zara
Tank: Guess
Shorts: Armani Exchange HK
heel boots: Valentina
scarf: costa blanca
The fashion show was very casual and the models walked up to us and we could touch their clothes and asked questions. food is exquisite as always, patté, smoked salmon, chicken spring rolls... wine wine and champaign yum. & the waiters that served it was equally yummy ; ) I met some really cool people, a really famous hair stylist from Los Angeles who really likes my hair and would want to work with it haha, and a watch store owner/ part-time model. Ended off the night a Sushi Time on Queen street. Delicious japanese cuisine and very affordable price!

(& a few side notes)
cavity: So i got my very first filling today! it was so scary; i have such bad memories because when i was super young, i got my four front teeth pulled out and all i remember is the needle Lol; well anyways the needle was painless and fast: ) the freezing lasted quite a bit tho : ( luckily it's not on the bottom haha. or i'd bee drooling and would even know ! YIKES

Zombieland: So i watched it... and i think was pretty stupid.. and kinda scary (wow i can't deal with scary music lol it freaks me out) and i felt so stupid for being scared because i was with like 6 guys who were laughing their brains out -.- but the ending was pretty cute : )

sawVI: coming out friday! so excited


Friday, October 16, 2009

just another of those days.

denim: H&M
boots: Guess
sequence vest: Pmall
speghetti strap: Guess
scarf: self-made

so i really like this tank top from Guess, it's on sale now i think 5$ off 39.99
it's really worth it tho becaause the lines are really body flattering as well as super soft fabric.
with a lil charm at the bottom left hand corner.
so this is my very first successful omelette LOL; don't laugh. i know it's not the prettiest.... but it's fun filled! avec mushrooms, tomato, chicken ham, yellow pepper, onion, and frenchy cheese; funny story making it; lol as i was about to throw all the ingrediants in the pan, i got burnt by the vicious hot oil that attacked me when i started pouring the stuff in that i dropped like a good third of the food on the floor, and then i realized i haven't beat the eggs yet. then i turn around and my dog has cleaned up the whole floor LOL.

yum : ) (oh and the white fluffy stuff is yogurt :P )
time to take out the winter jacket!
always fun-
ciao 4now;

P.S. check out my friends music; it's so good!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

denim it up

so i'm guilty of cutting up a few pairs of jeans in the summer and making them into shorts:P
and i never threw out the rest of the jeans and so i decided to create a dress! hope you guys like it. and i threw the dress into the washing machine for those denim frills that i love : )

my latest fetish: bows.
self-made: )
scarf: self-knit. lion yarn : )
dress: self-made
stripe tights: HK
runners: Aldo accessories
belt: CK

so i recently, somehow, managed to crack my lancome lipgloss inside my purse. and as if it's not sad enough i lost a really nice shade of lipgloss, it also spilled everywhere! especially all over my suede purse. anyone knows any remedy? i've tried everything from soap to rubbing alcohol LOL!

anyways gotta go to school!
ciao 4now

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Tee: starfield. i cut it and tied knots on the side
white tank: Guess
Jeans: Buffalo
bow pin: self-made
ring: Claire's
hair: french braid
heels: replay
bag: leshop

so funny story about my bag;
my daddy comes in to my room and asks if i want a recycled bag, when i go grocery shopping. So i said sure; go environment! right? then I see it and i'm like.. it looks EXACTLY like my abercombie and fitch bag; so i showed it to him. picture below except mine is pink.
how weird! anyone ever heard of the brand leshop?
maybe a lot of brands just take this model and just stamp their brand on it and sell it for twice as much :\ anyways, i thought it was fascinating haha : )

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

plastic or accomplishment?

haltor: self-made
leggings&legwarmers: H&M
boots: UP
skirt: seduction
scarf: UP
anna-sui-like ring: claires

so today on the virgin radio (99.9) i was listening to how there's a pageant for the best PLASTIC surgery. so i was like interesting.. until i heard how provoked the radio guy was about how they're worshiping the making of plastic in us. and then i realized how true that is. Where is that line between enhancing your beauty and plasticfying yourself?

I always thought of makeup as a function of an etiquette as well as enhancing your features and just being more confident for myself. but where does that end? i don't think plastic surgery is a bad thing but someday we will all get lost in it. I'm thinking about the book Uglies by scott westerfield. i decided to go au naturel for the week and just work what what I've been given. key to love is to love yourself first : )


Monday, October 12, 2009

gobble gobble.

happy thanksgiving y'all : )
like my pimping sequence runners?
aldo accessories
jacket: elements
wool tank: veeko
leggings: mango
belt: calvinklein
so i've been at timmies and starback at least once everyday of this long weekend
hooked on green tea!
(again)& friend intro-ed a drink to me that isss EURPHORIC. must try from timmies : ) Hotchocolate with peppermint teabag : ) cup of heaven.
my saturday noon sewing up my prom dress; almost done!! i'm so excited.
so my amazingly relaxed weekend consisted of green tea, ordering pizza with family at midnight, playing RISK till 5 am, reading @starbucks & getting free chocolate chip cookie!, sitting in a car, blasting music, in the parking lot of fmp with BUNCH of ppl LOL twice, talking about relationship while eating swiss chalet takeouts w/ fam (coconut cream pie is to die for!), and talking to Blanch MacDonald! where the lady talks LIIIIIIIIIIIKE thissssssss. the fashion program there is only a year!:\ i dont know if i can handle doing such a short post secondary education. university stuff soo sooon. scary to think about it!

anyways i'm gonna enjoy the rest of the weekend : )
multi-media art piece i finally finished. comments?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Pictures worth a thousand words right?

so i finally found my camera cord lol;
so i uploaded quite a few pics..
grey sweater: HK
Belt: Jean machine
Tights: HK
leg warmers: H&M
boots: Costa Blanca accessories
gypsy purse: Gift

Anna Sui lipstick
Lancome lipgloss
every loved soemthing that hurts you?
this ring is so painful
but madly inlove with it.
hey emmanuel
fashionable in pink?
sugar cookie with WHOLE wheat flour.
mission and a half to make
well iiiii think it tastes GROSS LOL but we sold a few for 50cents
for the fashion student group! : )

some doodles

scarf: Korea
tights: i'll get back to you
Dress; HK
heels: Korea
cardigan: H&M

Nuit Blanch:
really sick building that i didn't get to go in coz of super long line up.
newspaper dress
amazing fusion of fine arts and fashion design

dress: Urban behavioru
boots: Guess
Scarf: asia
jacket: ma mere's
shirt: Zara(China)
skinny jeans: Buffalo !
necklace: HK
belt: moms

my Date outfit
cardigan: H&M
tank: Guess
skirt; seduction
legwarmers; H&M
heels: Replay
purse: Juicy Couture

so new places to check out:
ZEN- reservations is a must do
eglinton & mccowan.
amazing sashimi &Sake

SUPERStar- yummies chickenwings
widest variety; east beaver creek
perfect guy spot. or guy hunting spot ; )

latest movie
Invention of Lying- cute light movie.
a good date movie i would say.
romantic comedy; interesting idea
world with no lying!