Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Elora Collection

I had the pleasure to work with Maryluu, the founder of The Bonnit in this stylish retro home of an avid screen printer (hurray for air b&b!) with these lovely three models. 

These lingerie set are now available at
I've been swaying away from cute cotton prints to decadent embellished lace lingerie pieces. The white beaded french lace was over $150/ meter! But isn't it so delicious? 
This Bralette can be worn as a top as well, I finally used the lace I picked up when I was in Miami last year. Such a great festival top too!


Monday, October 19, 2015

Trapeze Galore

 As always, I have some pretty cute lingerie set available at ! 
Also, started selling these in Little Italy at Ossington and College (Arts Market!) if you want to check them out in person :)
 I've been slightly obsessed with the is trapeze silhouette, it's so flattering on all body type!
The above dress is in size Small, and below is size Large. Also available at Em.Me.Ma (7181 Yonge street), Arts Market (846 College Street) and online:

 The newest creation is the Fall Kimono. I've been wearing it everywhere on top of crop tops, long sleeves, sweaters, it's just so easy to throw on and I love the versatility of it being reversible and have pockets! These will hit Arts Market a little later, but available at my shop !
 Last but not least is the Long sleeve marble dress, it's the same as the trapeze dress but with a ribbon and two sleeves. I winter-fied the trapeze dress basically. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Don't Hate, Create.

It has been slowing down at the shop so I get to start creating my own designs again! Made my first, ever, bikini! It's so fun working Neoprene. Also did a huge fabric clean up and I have all these ideas for my scrap fabrics. Made the cupcake boxers today and I am literally in bed (my new murphy bed!) with them on! I have just enough fabric for two more... if anyone is interested ;)


Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Interview with Michael Charbon and Asia Trip!!

It's out! This was aired in Peel Region GTA so I never got to see until months after it was aired. Funny part is that after I collected the DVD they copied for me, I realized I don't have a DVD player (since I use a MacBoob Air). Anyway, I managed and voila! 
Warning: I didn't mean to offend painting!

It has been a while since I posted. The shop was crazy busy with the grade eight graduation dresses, prom dresses and university graduation dresses. Now it's slowing down as wedding season is slowing down. 

Here are some snapshots of Thailand, Phuket from May!

Had to finish my Asia trip with one last night out! Looking back, it was so surreal. Four Destinations (Thailand-Phuket&Kohphiphi, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan-Kaohsiun), three weeks. So mind-blowing the things that we saw, did and ate! Also met some incredible people, I am definitely inspired to start a new collection. 

p.s. missing those coconut


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Downtown life

I'm so happy to be living downtown toronto. I'm writing this as I'm sitting on the Subway to my boutique and a guy speaking to himself and whoever will listen to him about how he doesn't need a computer.
Any who. Yesterday I went to the George Brown College's Fashion showcase for the graduating students. This year was held at the new lakeshore  campus which was stunning (despite the crazy hail whipping my bare legs as I walked the huge intersection). The front desk spent some time looking for my name badge as it was categorized by programs and I attended two.  Turns out I was in the industry pile.  I'm in the industry! Cool.

The portfolio display was so nostalgic of everything I did back when I was a student, but I must say they seemed to have upped a notch since I was there. I was especially ecstatic to talk to all my previous lecturers ( and amazed they remembered me haha).

Afterwards my friend and I hit up Momofuku for the first time, I'm such a foodie lagger. It had three floors,  first for casual ramen, second is a bar and "milk bar" #momomilk. And third is a fancy 11 course fine dining. Ramen was super yummy ( though I seldom not like ramen), Santouka's broth is better but definitely enjoyed the atmosphere here more. We tried the melted apple crumble soft serve dipped in cereal ( i asked them what's really in this cereal because it tastes like Crack, they admitted to butter and salt haha). Got a compost cookie to go, just ate it this morning (cookie for breakfast,  what a champ eh?) Which was delicious, burst of coffee flavour along with a whole  bunch of unexpected flavours; which explains the name.
I recently put up my pole, it's been eight whole months since I've touched one! 
My dad looked not very surprised when he came to visit and asked if I'm running out of my money. My stepdad frowned, and my mom squealed telling my stepdad to get one so that he can dance for her.

gotta love my family!
I finally tried Lady Marmalade in Leslieville! About time. It was such a beautiful, warm Saturday too. 
I got the pulled pork bennie -definitely get the avacado, bacon and brie one though!

sewing sewing...
sewing sewing painting sewing


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

You guys still here!?

Definitely the longest vacation I took away from blogging! I'm hanging out on my bed in my new bachelor, listening to jazz and munching on nachos after a long day at the shop. Life's been insane and so surreal! 
My shop has been opened for 4 months now and I'm loving the entrepreneur life and so thankful for my loyal clients. On top of working almost every day, I am in the process of moving downtown!
I participated in Fashion for Passion ( spent 17 hours on my first night at Blue Mountain finishing up my business plan submission while my friends were playing beer pong ) and came in third place:) and got interviewed on Night Time by Michael Charbon on Rogers Tv! 

I am so blessed with the opportunities I've been presented with and hopefully hard work will pay off!
Above is a sneak preview of a photo shoot from Sunday and this Sunday I will be a vendor at The Post Market. Those in Toronto, hope you can make it out! ( 1087 Queen St. West)

Xo EmMeMa

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Store Grand Opening!

Lets do a count down. 
A month and two days until my physical store location opens up!
Anyone in the GTA? Make sure you come out !

I still have a plethora of endless tasks but I needed a date or it'll take another year. 
I don't need to sleep or eat until the store opens, I just cannot wait. It has been the first thing I think about in the morning and last thing I think about at night, it is driving me slightly deranged! 
In the mean time, please support me through my Kickstarter. A little goes a really long way, and you are sponsoring a local business that thrives with local artisans and designer!
IG: @Em.Me.Ma


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hand Made with Love

I finally made a separate account for my Em.Me.Ma business on instagram! 
Follow me to see updates on my store. Yes. I'm opening up my very own retail/ studio space!
Which is so exciting and so scary. I'm starting a kickstarted project so I'll need all the support I can get. 
and Thank you so much to all my loyal readers, even when I go MIA!
Please check this out!


Monday, September 15, 2014


Vintage blouse, Club Monaco skirt

 LBD from HK and Thigh High from Germany
Aldo heels, waist high denim shorts from Texas, oversize top from HK


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My heart is too drunk to Drive

Oh how nice is this Toronto weather? High of 31 degrees -Even warmer than when I was in Vegas!
So now that I'm reunited with my wardrobe (officially back in T dot!), no more excuse for slacking off with my outfits!

Em.Me.Ma top, BCBG maxi skirt, Burberry handbag, Accessorize Sandals, Elephant necklace

This was when I was by the pool in Vegas after a very successful shopping spree at Las Vegas Premier Outlet. What amazing discounts! I've been eyeing this burberry bag all around Europe, surprisingly the cheapest in the US! So glad I didn't buy it when I was in Germany; my very first designer handbag!! 
And Sicily!! The most beautiful place I have ever been to. I cannot wait to go back!! Swimming with fish in clear as crystal water and tanning by volcanos with Mojito in hand. Cannot ask for a better getaway/ perfect ending to my year long stay in the UK. 

IG/ tweet me @emilysdiary